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Sep 16 / Janelle Evans

Is the thing you’re working so hard to get actually… FREE?

What is the thing that you are doing all your work for? I’d really LOVE to know!!! (Comment, comment, comment & share your thoughts please.) What I mean is, are you working and striving so that you will have enough money to do ________?

For me, what I really want is to have the money (sense of security) to spend time out in nature, on a walk, appreciating all the life and beauty. I want to have unhurried pleasant time with my loved ones to play and connect and share life’s challenges and funny stories.

Sometimes I forget that these things don’t cost $. That these things are things I can do NOW! Even though I haven’t hit six figures, even though I haven’t booked a speaking gig, even though my latest project isn’t complete.

How wonderful to remember that the things I want are free and that I can have them now! Today, I spent the most wonderful morning walking and connecting heart-to-heart with my amazing, beautiful mother. Bonus: I now feel that satisfying, filled up sense of love and super motivated to do my work! Woohoo!

SO! What are the things you’re doing all this work today for, so that you can have them tomorrow? Are they actually free, like my things are? If so — take 20 minutes RIGHT NOW and give yourself a taste. Leave me a comment and let me know!


PS. Not sure how to give yourself what you want in a small, simple, inexpensive way? If you feel like what you want isn’t possible to have without lots more time and lots more money, take a look at this list of ways that you can feed your desires today, without needing years of work or thousands of dollars. Take a look at the list HERE and add your ideas, too!


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  1. Amanda / Sep 16 2013

    -It’s funny you posted this because it’s so true. We often spend so much time trying to make the money to “do the things we want” when those things really are much more accessible then we create them to be in our minds. For me those things include being in nature, surfing, meeting new people, enjoying good local music and good healthy foods, doing yoga, and hopefully falling in love someday soon. All things that don’t require much money to do lol. So thanks for that reminder.

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