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Sep 16 / Janelle Evans

Guest Post: Noga’s Love Bite: Give it a handwritten touch!

A Note from Janelle: Our guest writer today is an amazing woman who, every new & full moon, gifts her community with something so awesome it can hardly be called an “ezine.” Reading her Love Bites, as she calls them, feels more like a warm chocolate cookie hug mixed with a playful samba dance party. Know what I’m sayin’?

I’m sharing Noga’s guest post with you today because I believe it’s important to make doing business fun, and to bring a personal, handwritten touch to our so-very-digital lives. While Noga’s article is geared more towards sending these fun personal surprises to your friends and family, I invite you to think about how this sweet form of connection can be used in your business. I know many of us entrepreneurs can get nervous about approaching potential clients or strategic partners because we’re afraid of looking pushy or salesy. If that’s one of your fears, try a handwritten letter packaged with love — who wouldn’t enjoy receiving something like that?! 🙂

So enjoy today’s post, and be sure to join the thousands of people in 52 countries who are part of the Noga’s Love Bites community!

A Little Birdie Told Me… You Might Get Something Special in Your Mail Box! 😉

By Noga Vilozny

Something you may or may not know about me is that I love to be sneaky! 😉 … sneak fun things into places that people don’t expect, hide gifts for friends, share surprises, play sweet tricks… And that’s what this Love Bite is about!

So, below I’m going to let you in on one of my favorite sneaky and sweet things to do… AND it means you get to have fun in YOUR mail box!

So dear one, besides a bird, what TWO things fly?

#1 – Mail does! (Par Avion, remember?) 🙂

#2 – So does time! When was the last time you got something in the mail that wasn’t a bill, catalog, or junk? How about an actual *letter* from someone? Or maybe even a gift?

Think about it for a second.

Imagine getting something fun in the mail:

You’re walking up to the mail box…
Feeling the fresh air on your skin…
breathing in “ahhh” ….
Opening the little door and hearing the hinge squeak…
Finding something fun! 🙂
Reaching out, taking it in your hands,
seeing the HAND-writing addressed especially to YOU,
feeling the envelope in your fingers,
trying to guess what’s inside…
Getting excited and opening it up,
hearing the sound of the paper tearing,
then looking inside!

It’s just surprise after surprise if you really get into it! 🙂

And I LOVE the feelings both of getting and sending sweet surprises in the mail!

So, in today’s Love Bite, we’re going to do something extra-special 😉 With all the email and voice messages today, you might even wonder where you used to keep your stamps… But get ready: This is going to be fun!

… Because giving and receiving are both sources of PLEASURE, and both acts are gifts in and of themselves. Plus, you never know what you’ll find in your mail box after you do this exercise! 😉

❤ ❤ ❤

Did you know that someone’s thinking about you right *now* ?? It’s true. And I’ll bet that there’s someone you love, who you’ve been thinking of…

Today, I invite you to send something little and fun to someone you care about – And I’ll show you how! This will be easy, and I encourage you to jump in and DO it right now 🙂 Because it will feel SO good!

What to send?

You can send a simple postcard, or a note in an envelope, and include a little treat! Something THIN and LIGHT, like:

~ pressed leaf/flower
~ paper money from any country
~ stick of gum or small piece of candy
~ a drawing
~ friendship bracelet
~ confetti!
~ Valentine (so what if it’s not February?)
~ sticker
~ fortune from a fortune cookie
~ make your own fortune! 🙂
~ picture
~ feather
~ dime (especially if you’re sending it to a lady you love! “dime” is symbolic of “perfect 10” – gorgeous lady!! 🙂

Remember: Anything THIN and LIGHT is easy to send.

Now, who do you want to surprise? 😉

I invite you (I challenge you!) 😉 to get it in the mail today!

Send this surprise to someone you know and love! Someone in your family, a friend, someone you miss, want to re-connect with, or someone you see all the time, but they’d never expect you to send them a note in the mail… 😉 You might have to get creative to find their mailing address, or just ask for it!

And I’d LOVE to hear back from you: What was it like to prepare and send your surprise? What has this inspired in other parts of your life?

In fact, before you send it off, take a picture of the inside-contents and/or envelope, and share your digital picture with me! (Subscribe to my Love Bites, then email me the photo!)

I’m so excited for you to get this experience, so jump in now. 🙂 And I wish you a day full of magical and sweet surprises!

Love, Noga

About Noga Vilozny

Singer/Dancer & Speaker/Coach/Healer, Noga Vilozny, publishes her “Noga’s Love Bites” twice a month, in which she shares her music & film updates, plus delightful tips on releasing stress and bringing more serendipity, joy, and ease into life! If you’d like to receive these notes of love & fun, sign up for “Noga’s Love Bites” at

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