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Sep 16 / Janelle Evans

Cheap Easy Ways to Get What You Really Want

In my most recent blog post, I talked about how many times we get so caught up in working really hard so that someday we can have what we really want, AND that often times what we really want is actually free! (Like pleasurable time with family, being out in nature, having a sense of freedom, a sense of security, and/or a sense of belonging…)

The great thing about acknowledging what you really want, is that then you can see two things:

1) What you really Really REALLY want… is probably FREE.
2) You can give yourself a soul-satisfying taste of it TODAY, right now.

What DO you want, anyway?

First, how to uncover what it is you really want? (Especially if you a preoccupied with simply making enough money for rent.) Ask yourself, “If I was handed a check that covered all my bills and expenses for the next 6 months, would I be able to give myself a break?” (I hope the answer is YES! If you answered No, tell me why in the comments below.)

If you answer YES, then ask yourself, “What would I want to do or experience in my free time during this break?” This question will help you tap into what all your work really is for. And remember, you don’t HAVE to do what other people think you should do or what you even think you SHOULD do with your free time. Get truthful, get honest — it feels reallllly good.

Leave a comment to let me know what you really really want and what ways you can give yourself a taste today. Here are some ideas to get you started:

If you really really want…

Pleasurable time with loved ones, try:

– A quick phone call to catch up with someone you care about
– Making weekend plans to go out for tea/coffee
– Writing a letter and fill it with fun surprises (a’la Noga Vilozny!)
– Snuggling your pet
– Watching an episode of the Shaytards
– Saying I’m sorry to someone you’ve lost touch with

To spend time in nature or to see the world, try:

– Taking a 15 minute walk in your neighborhood and see how many different plants or animals you can spot
– Going outside for 5 minutes, shutting your eyes, and listening deeply to all the sounds
– Viewing your town as if you were a tourist; what fun things are you overlooking that your town has to offer?
– Going on a day trip
– Having a weekend getaway in a nearby city
– Going camping
– Visiting a local plant nursery or orchard, or….
– Next time you’re at a big box store with a garden department, take a detour and admire the plants
– Stopping to smell the flowers at the grocery store. Bonus! Buy yourself a bouquet and put it on your desk

To take a freakin break and just relax without feeling guilty (gosh dang it!), try:

– Listening to one awesome song on YouTube and dance your heart out to it
– Taking a 6 minute stretch break
– Working for 45 minutes, then taking 15 minutes off
– Giving yourself an ear massage
– Reminding yourself that you are valuable, whether or not all your projects are done or you’re making as much money as you want or your body looks the way you want it to. Really, you are valuable. You are awesome. No more self put-downs, they waste your time and energy you can put towards being even more awesome
– Going to a positive church and listening to a message of love with an open heart
– Taking the day off to play hooky. (One way to do this without guilt is to honestly ask yourself “Do the things on my to-do list REALLY need to happen today?”) Don’t do this one half-assed, if you’re gonna play hooky, do something you think is SUPER FUN and make the day worth it!
– Starting or working on an art project for 20 minutes
– Watching a funny video on YouTube, then watching one more

What do you think?

Is this helpful for you? What do YOU really really want? In what way are you going to give yourself a taste of it today? Tell me about it in the comments.


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