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Jun 10 / Janelle Evans

What’s WRONG with me?!

Have you ever heard this evil gremlin roaring in your head?

It’s a pretty common one when you’re starting your own business, and trying to be successful in whatever it is you love to do.

I heard my own mind muttering it today when I discovered that Scarlett Johansson and I are basically the same age. She’s beautiful, talented, famous, AND known for her charity work?!?!?!

What’s WRONG with me?!

Why haven’t I got all that?!

While there are some benefits to experiencing jealousy,* asking yourself “What’s wrong with me?” is never helpful. It’s a leading question that grabs you by the wrist and yanks you down a nasty shame spiral.

What to do if you find yourself asking
“What’s wrong with me”?

New question:

What’s RIGHT with me?

Stop selling yourself short. I know you’ve accomplished some pretty freaking awesome things in your life. Make a list of at least 3 things that are amazing about you and your life RIGHT NOW. If you have to start small, (“I’m… breathing… that’s a plus!”) then so be it. Simply getting your brain on this train of thought will help you raise yourself and your mood higher and higher. As this happens, your motivation and confidence increase as well.

Did you make your list of 3 things yet?

Don’t leave this page until you have!

Share your list in the comments so I can celebrate how amazing you are. 🙂




* Marie Forleo has done an awesome job of describing the benefits of jealousy. Check out her videos here and here. Love me some Marie! Tell her I sent you!

SOUNDTRACK: Havana Brown: We Run The Night (Explicit) ft. Pitbull


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  1. Erica / Jun 10 2013

    My list of three….1. I did a strong 2 mile walk this a.m. 2. I am employed. 3. I have great family and friends! Love you Jen!!

  2. Janelle Evans / Jun 10 2013

    I love you, too!!! Awesome job — you totally rock! I have something for you… and I might be coming up to your neck of the woods soon. Hopefully I can visit you in person! <3

  3. Karina / Jun 10 2013

    I have to agree. I sometimes see people my same age…like Jodie Foster… and see what she has accomplished (top of her career, family, charity, etc.) and see how she has maintained her beauty over the years as well. Then, wonder where I went wrong.

    I think you also have to keep in mind that these people have wealth which makes it easy to maintain their looks (personal trainers, cooks, spa treatments, etc.) and their time (personal assistants) freeing them up to do the charity work. Not saying they don’t deserve kudos but you have to keep it in perspective too.

    OK, so my three things that make me so AWESOME (and I have to remind myself on a consistent basis):

    1) Lost almost half my weight (which I’ve had a hard time keeping off recently and need to rededicate to doing better).

    2) Completed a 5 mile walk for charity and raised $262.00 for a Rape Crisis Center.

    3) Actually have a social life at the late age of 47. Meeting new people (which is not easy for me) and making new friends. Making it even more difficult (and I have to give myself kudos for) is that it is in a “community” of people that I have never associated with prior to a year ago and navigating the proper things to say can be difficult at times (hoping you don’t offend someone or look stupid for not knowing something everyone else seems to know).

    Great Blog !

  4. Janelle Evans / Jun 10 2013

    Hey Karina 😉 Thanks SO much for your comment — I appreciate hearing your perspective in addition to seeing your List of Awesome! I am proud of you and beyond happy that you are in my life!!!

  5. Erin Delaney / Jul 24 2013

    This is fabulous Janelle!

    Love and miss your most precious presence!


  6. Janelle Evans / Sep 5 2013

    Oh my gosh, thank you Erin! I love you too and hope we get to play together again VERY soon!!! <3

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